Providing Transparency and Traceability for the Food You Eat.

​AgTracer combines product authenticity and ingredient verification with brand loyalty.

W​​​​​hat is AgTracer?

AgTracer is a trust-focused food authenticity solution. Our service delivers ​cloud-​based technology to allow retail consumers complete traceability, transparency, authenticity and quality in the food they eat. ​

This allows ​farmers, artisan food and beverage producers (micro-breweries, distilleries and wineries), farm-to-table restaurants and retailers, food distributors and wholesalers to build brand loyalty by providing complete transparency and traceability. Our business customers will use AgTracer to share their backstory, growing processes ​and more with the end consumer. ​

The AgTracer platform allows agricultural-related operations and any food related business to build trust with consumers. We are a ​food supply chain solution that provides traceability, transparency and authenticity.

and More

​Instant verification of the source of ​your food. Allows consumers to trace-and-track back to the source.

Farmers, Growers

and ​More

​Provide transparency on growing practices, certifications, growing and manufacturing processes.

Farm-to-Table Restaurants, Artisan Food and Beverage Producers and More

​Verify the source of menu and product ingredients by providing transparency and authenticity.

Four Main Concerns in the Food Industry


​Consumers are demanding to know where their food is grow. They want to know the source of their food.


​Certifications, growing practices, manufacturing practices and recipe ingredient sources are vital to building and maintaining trust with consumers.

Maintaining Brand Loyalty

​Consumers are demanding transparency and a closer connection to their food. 75% of consumers who respon​ded to a recent food industry survey ​​said they would switch to a brand that provides more in-depth product information. *

Food Safety

Food borne illness, contamination and food fraud results in serious health risks. Consumers want to be able to trackback farm-to-table agriculture and ingredient sources in value-added products.

AgTracer is the Solution​

The AgTracer platform enables ​farmers, artisan food and beverage producers (micro-breweries, distilleries and wineries), farm-to-table restaurants and retailers, food distributors and wholesalers to assign unique tracing identities. This allows consumers to verify product integrity and history easily with a smart phone or computer. Our platform utilizes cloud-database technology to ensure security of the data, allowing all participants to verify and view product information.  

AgTracer provides unique tracking tags and codes to farmers, growers, artisan food producers, farm-to-table restaurants, retailers and supply chain companies. They simply add this information to their packaging, labels or menu. Consumers simply scan the unique code to ​learn about the source, growing practices and more about the food or value-added ​product.

​The Customer Experience

AgTracer enables agriculture and food-related businesses to provide transparency, including food history to consumers.  

Consumers can use either a mobile app, tablet or desktop computer to access food history information. 

The AgTracer mobile app provides vital information to the consumer on the palm of their hand. Consumers simply scan the QR code on the product label or tracking band.

​The results of the scan includes food history, source and other vital information that is quickly displayed for the consumer. 

​In addition, consumers can also use a desktop computer or tablet to access this information. The consumer would simply visit the AgTracer website and select the brand name. Once selected, they would be able to view the food history information on a custom web page. 

Finally, the consumer can visit the brand's website and click on the AgTracer widget and the food history information would ​ instantly appear on the brands website for viewing.

AgTracer's mobile app is available for IOS and Android. We also provide white-labeling branding, too.   

​Meet the ​Leadership Team

Andy LaPointe

​Co-founder and ​CEO

​Andy is the Co-founder and CEO of AgTracer. Prior to leaving the corporate world in 2009, he spent 15 years working with multinational companies including Bank of New York and Travelers Portfolio Group. He has started and grew several companies. Traverse Bay Farms, one of his portfolio companies, has won ​30+ national food awards.

​Sebastian LaPointe

​Co-founder and C​TO

​Sebastian LaPointe is the Co-founder and CTO of AGTracer. He is a multi-year programmer and developer with experience in developing blockchains, Dapps and working with Javascript. He provides a rare blend ​of both hardware and software experience and skills.  He is a graduate from Bellaire high school.

Noushin Akter

​​Community, social media and PR manager

​Noushin is the community, social media and PR manager. She ​brings experience in social media management, community growth, brand loyalty and creating engaging social media campaigns.

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​The AgTracer platform allows agricultural operations of all sizes to build trust with ​​ consumers. ​No matter if you're a ​farmer, grower, artisan food producer, farm-to-table restaurant, retailer or supply chain company​ ​AgTracer will help you build trust with your customers.

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